BMW will be responsible for the new look and restyling of John Deere tractors

Today’s trends in the world, high competition and many other factors force brands to cooperate with each other at different levels in order to maintain their positions in the markets. An example of the most not expected cooperation, which no one expected or even imagined. This is a collaboration between BMW and John Deere. In particular, it will be about the fact that BMW designers will develop the design of a restyled version of the John Deere 8R tractor.

In the modern world, farmers already prefer tractors with an attractive appearance. Following this trend, the leaders in the production of tractors compete with each other not only in the development and implementation of technological and functional solutions in their equipment, in the field of convenience and safety of tractor drivers, but also in appearance. In this regard, the era of unapologetic tractors of the same type is coming to an end. In the future, we will wait for the restaling of other legendary tractors John Deere.

The aggressive looks of John Deere tractors – which at one time made a boom in the agricultural market, coincided with the outbreak of World War II in 1939, led to a sharp jump in sales of John Deere tractors.

For all the time, since the distant 1939, the design of the appearance of John Deere tractors was improved until John Deere launched a completely new series of 8R tracked tractors, adding an “X” to them not only in the name, but also changed the visual form of 8RX tracked tractors … Which has been developing for many decades.

The agricultural sector, which is still mainly associated with the energy sector, is acquiring a new image thanks to the American manufacturer. Our design vision comes from southern California, in particular from BMW Designworks, which is responsible for the well-known design of luxury cars, motorcycles and engines,

says Bartosz Bialas from John Deere Poland.

The most interesting thing is that Designworks Studio from California is engaged not only in automotive design, but also in other visual design, while belonging to the BMW Group.
This is one of the features of Designworks – only half of their time is allocated to the BMW Group, and the remaining 50% of the time is with other clients. Designworks has designed yachts, aircraft, headphones and other products. Designworks’ clients include: Embraer, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Boeing Business Jets, EVA Air, Pilatus Aircraft, Advanced Medical Optics, Bavaria Yachtbau, Dornbracht, Acer, HEAD and Singapore Airlines. Thanks to this diversification and the fact that the company does not give itself 100% to the BMW Group. Designworks designers are constantly evolving and their thoughts and ideas are always fresh and creative.
And recently, the company has begun close cooperation with the manufacturer of agricultural machinery John Deere. Although before that I already had experience of participating in single orders of John Deere.
In 2012, John Deere decided to select a single industrial designer for their machines. And the choice fell on Designworks.

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Designworks, together with John Deere, when creating the 8R tractors and X9 combines, it was decided to unify the design and change the appearance of all John Deere products, as well as all other constituent visual elements and forms. That in the near future, it seems, on the development of future models of tractors and combines John Deere.

This is the common design DNA that unites all of our products, and this is a turning point because it is this machine, the 8R tractor, that we spoke to to create a holistic design language,

comments Laura Robin. Director of BMW Designworks Studio

Therefore, we can expect the design of the new series of tractors to become a kind of benchmark in the design of other John Deere machines.