CLC 002366.06 – High Current Detected in Front Side Roof Flood Lights Circuit. John Deere Operational Alert.

CLC 002366.06 (CLC 2366.06)

Code: 002366.06

Shortcode: 2366.06


The CLC has detected that the current in the front left or right side roof flood lights exceeds the 7-amp fuse rating, likely due to a malfunction such as a short circuit. This condition could lead to electrical hazards such as wire melting or fire.


The affected flood lights may be automatically disabled to prevent damage and maintain safety.


  • Identify and Resolve Short Circuits: Examine the circuit for any short circuits or other anomalies that could increase current draw.
  • Check and Replace Fuses: Ensure fuses are of the correct rating and replace any that have blown.
  • Programming Check: Confirm the flood lights are correctly programmed by referring to the Programmable Lighting Operational Check.
  • Final System Check: After repairs, conduct a final check to ensure the circuit is safe and operating within specified limits.


Maintaining the electrical integrity of flood lights is crucial, especially for operations that require enhanced visibility for safety. Regular checks and immediate repairs are essential for preventing electrical mishaps.

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