PTQ codes

Comprehensive Guide to John Deere PTQ Error Codes and Fault Codes

On vehicles with PowrQuad™ transmission, the PTQ control software and the TIQ control software jointly manage the transmission. The PTQ control software is included in the rear chassis control unit and receives signals from various sensors and switches.

Primary Signal Sources for PTQ:

  • Reverse Drive Lever (PowrQuad™ Transmission)
  • Pressure Switch for Transmission Oil Filter
  • Wheel Speed Sensor on Tractors with Creeper
  • Transmission Oil Pressure Switch
  • Wheel Speed Sensor on Tractors without Creeper
  • Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor
  • Clutch Pedal Potentiometer
  • Hand Throttle Potentiometer (PowrQuad™ Transmission)
  • Transmission Output Speed Sensor
  • Enable Pressure Sensor
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter Sensor
  • Transmission Output Speed Sensor
  • Hydraulic Oil Level Sensor
  • Sensor for Diagnostic Oil Pressure
  • Gear Selector Switch
  • Switch for Gear Selector, Auto Mode, and Clutch

Most Common John Deere PTQ Fault Codes:

  1. PTQ 000084.07 – Wheel Speed Detected During Transmission Calibration, Malfunction
    • Where it occurs: PowrQuad™ Transmission
    • Description: Wheel speed detected during transmission calibration. Calibration is aborted.
  2. PTQ 000127.01 – Transmission Oil Pressure Out of Range Low
    • Where it occurs: PowrQuad™ Transmission
    • Description: Transmission oil pressure is too low with engine speed above 800 rpm. Transmission shifts to neutral.
  3. PTQ 000168.01 – Control Software, Supply Voltage (BAT) Too Low
    • Where it occurs: Control System
    • Description: Supply voltage is below 9 volts, indicating a weak battery. Control software functionality is limited or nonexistent.
  4. PTQ 000191.00 – Transmission Speed Too High During Calibration
    • Where it occurs: PowrQuad™ Transmission
    • Description: Transmission speed is too high during calibration. Calibration is canceled.
  5. PTQ 000734.05 – Forward Solenoid Valve, Current Too Low
    • Where it occurs: Transmission Solenoid Valves
    • Description: Current at the signal input of the forward solenoid valve is too low, indicating an open circuit or loose wire. Control software functionality is limited or nonexistent.

Equipment Reactions to PTQ Fault Codes:

  • Upon detecting a fault code, the control software may limit or disable certain transmission functions to prevent damage.
  • In some cases, the transmission is shifted to neutral to ensure safety.

Recommendations for Resolving Faults:

  • Inspect and replace sensors and switches sending signals to the PTQ control software.
  • Update the control software to resolve potential bugs and errors.
  • Regularly check and maintain all system components to prevent fault occurrence.

John Deere PTQ error codes and fault codes are crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of tractors with PowrQuad™ transmission. Understanding and promptly addressing these errors helps avoid major issues and keeps the equipment running smoothly.

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