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Comprehensive Guide to John Deere RLC Fault Codes

John Deere RLC (Roof Lighting Control) error codes, also known as RLC diagnostic trouble codes, are essential for diagnosing issues related to the control software that manages various lighting and heating functions within the cab frame and roof of John Deere machinery. This guide provides a structured overview of the most common John Deere RLC fault codes, where they occur, and their significance in maintaining optimal functionality of your equipment.

Key Components Managed by RLC Control Software:

  • Roof Lights
  • Cab Frame Lights
  • Rear Window Heater
  • Rear Window Wiper

Common John Deere RLC Fault Codes

  1. RLC 522433.06 – Rear Window Wiper, Current Too High
    • Occurrence: Rear Window Wiper Circuit
    • Description: Indicates a short circuit to ground.
    • Reaction: Limited or no function of the rear windshield wiper.
  2. RLC 522343.03 – Heated Rear Window, Voltage Too High
    • Occurrence: Heated Rear Window Circuit
    • Description: Indicates that the circuit is shorted to a supply lead.
    • Reaction: Limited or no function of the heated rear window.
  3. RLC 521562.05 – Right Inner Worklight on Rear of Roof or Right Xenon (HID) Worklight on Rear of Roof, Current Too Low
    • Occurrence: Right Inner Worklight or Right Xenon (HID) Worklight Circuit
    • Description: Indicates an open circuit.
    • Reaction: Limited or no function of the worklight.
  4. RLC 522435.06 – Windshield Wiper (Fast), Current Too High
    • Occurrence: Windshield Wiper Circuit
    • Description: Indicates a short circuit to ground.
    • Reaction: Limited function of the wiper.
  5. RLC 524259.00 – Roof Control Unit, Temperature Too High
    • Occurrence: Roof Control Unit
    • Description: Indicates the temperature is above 115°C (239°F).
    • Reaction: Limited or no function of the control software.

Signal Processing and Component Activation

The RLC control software receives signals directly from components like the right dome light with switch/console light and processes them through the vehicle CAN bus (500 kBd). Based on these signals, the RLC control software activates outputs to various components such as:

  • Left and Right Clearance Lights (ECE)
  • Headlights on Cab Frame
  • License Plate Lights (Left and Right)
  • Beacon Lights (Left and Right)
  • Xenon (HID) Worklights (Front and Rear of Roof)
  • Worklights on Cab Frame
  • Turn-Signal Lights (Front, Rear, and Extra-Wide Vehicle)
  • Dome Lights and Console Light
  • Rear Window Wiper Motor
  • Heated Rear Window

Importance of Addressing RLC Fault Codes

Addressing these fault codes promptly ensures the reliability and efficiency of the lighting and heating systems, crucial for safe and effective operation of John Deere machinery. Regular maintenance and monitoring can prevent these issues, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your equipment.

For more detailed troubleshooting and solutions, always refer to the official John Deere service manuals or consult with a certified John Deere technician.

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