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Understanding and Resolving John Deere SCC Error Codes

John Deere SCC fault codes, also known as SCC diagnostic trouble codes or SCC error codes, are critical for maintaining the optimal performance of your tractor’s selective control valves (SVs). These codes are generated when there is an issue in the communication between the SCV control lever, the ACU, and the SCC through the CAN bus network. The SCV control lever’s position is communicated to the ACU and then to the appropriate SV control units. Here, we explore the common SCC error codes, their causes, and where they typically occur.

Common John Deere SCC Fault Codes

  • SCC 000158.04 – SCC Switched Supply Voltage Low
    Description: The SCC detects a switched supply voltage below 9.0 V. Occurrence: Often found in situations where battery voltage is low or there is a power supply issue. Reaction: Function Disabled (OFF).
  • SCC 000168.03 – SCC Unswitched Supply Voltage High
    Description: The SCC detects an unswitched supply voltage above 18.0 V. Occurrence: Typically occurs when the voltage regulator fails or there is an alternator issue. Reaction: Function Disabled (OFF).
  • SCC 002005.09 – ACU Message Missing
    Description: The SCC is not receiving required messages from the Armrest Control Unit (ACU). Occurrence: This can happen due to faulty wiring or a malfunctioning ACU. Reaction: Function Disabled (OFF).
  • SCC 002139.09 – CSM Message Missing
    Description: The SCC has failed to receive wheel speed from the Cab Switch Module (CSM). Occurrence: Common in situations where there is a communication breakdown between the CSM and SCC. Reaction: Function Degraded.
  • SCC 524015.09 – Missing SV III External Control Message for 1 Second
    Description: External control message for SV III is missing for longer than 1 second. Occurrence: Often due to interruptions in the CAN network or issues with external controls like Resume Switch, iTEC™, or attached implements. Reaction: Function Degraded.

Where These Codes Occur

These error codes typically arise in the CAN network that connects the SCV control lever, ACU, SCC, and individual SV control units. The dedicated CAN network ensures commands from the SCC are sent to each SV control unit, and they reply with their positions and flow rates. Codes are set when communication to or from any of these control units fails.

Resolving SCC Error Codes

  1. Inspect and Repair Wiring and Connectors:
    • Look for signs of damage, poor connections, or corrosion in the wiring and connectors associated with the control units.
  2. Monitor and Update Firmware:
    • Ensure all components have the latest firmware and software updates to prevent communication issues.
  3. Test and Replace Faulty Components:
    • Use diagnostic tools to test components like the SCV control lever, ACU, and sensors. Replace any faulty parts.
  4. Verify Configurations:
    • Check the configuration of control levers and sensors to ensure they match the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  5. Consult Technical Support:
    • If issues persist, contact technical support for further diagnostics and assistance.

By understanding and addressing these common John Deere SCC error codes, you can maintain the reliability and performance of your tractor’s selective control valves, ensuring efficient operation in the field.

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