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Discover the Most Common John Deere SSU Fault Codes and How to Fix Them

The SSU (Steering System Control Unit) is essential for managing the AutoTrac automatic steering system in John Deere equipment. Understanding and resolving John Deere SSU fault codes is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and minimizing downtime. Here is an overview of the most common John Deere SSU diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and where they typically occur.

Common John Deere SSU Error Codes

  1. SSU 523824.14 – B138 Steering Wheel Position Sensor, Fault in Channel 2
    • Description: Triggered when the SSU control unit receives faulty signals from steering wheel position sensor SID 2.
    • Occurrence: Typically detected during steering system operation.
    • Resolution: Inspect and verify sensor signal quality, check connections, and replace the sensor if defective.
  2. SSU 523826.00 – B139 Steering Angle Sensor, Voltage in Channel 1 Too High
    • Description: Triggered if the voltage at the signal line of channel 1 of the wheel angle sensor (WAS) is over 4.5 volts for longer than 320 milliseconds.
    • Occurrence: Detected during steering adjustments and calibration.
    • Resolution: Inspect power supply and connections, and ensure proper voltage regulation.
  3. SSU 523826.07 – B139 Steering Angle Sensor, Control Unit Recognizes No Signals
    • Description: Triggered when the SSU control unit fails to detect a signal from the wheel angle sensor (WAS) during calibration.
    • Occurrence: Typically during steering system calibration.
    • Resolution: Verify sensor functionality, inspect connections, and recalibrate the system.
  4. SSU 523826.12 – Excessive Hysteresis in AutoTrac Steering
    • Description: Detected when the wheel angle sensor-axle does not register actual steering motion in the allotted time during calibration.
    • Occurrence: Often occurs as the steering mechanics loosen over time.
    • Resolution: Inspect steering mechanics, verify sensor functionality, and recalibrate the system.
  5. SSU 523826.14 – B139 Steering Angle Sensor Recognizes No Movement
    • Description: Generated when the wheel angle sensor (WAS) does not detect steering movement even though the steering wheel position sensor (B138) sends steering signals.
    • Occurrence: Detected during normal steering operations.
    • Resolution: Inspect and verify both wheel angle and steering wheel position sensors, check for mechanical issues, and update system software.

Importance of Resolving John Deere SSU Fault Codes

Regularly monitoring and addressing John Deere SSU error codes ensures the optimal performance of the AutoTrac automatic steering system. It helps in preventing prolonged downtime and maintaining the efficiency of your John Deere equipment. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for detailed troubleshooting and consult technical support if necessary.

By understanding these common fault codes and their resolutions, you can keep your John Deere machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

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