HCC 001638.02 – HCC Calibration Fault/Hydraulic Oil Temperature Low

HCC 001638.02 (HCC 1638.02)

Code: 001638.02

Shortcode: 1638.02


This error code is generated when the Hitch Control Unit (HCC) is calibrated with the hydraulic oil temperature below 50°C (122°F). Proper calibration requires the hydraulic oil to be within a specific temperature range.


This error results in an indicator or alarm only, without disabling any functions.


  • Warm Up Hydraulic System:
    • Ensure the hydraulic system is adequately warmed up and the oil temperature is above 50°C (122°F) before performing calibration.
  • Recalibrate HCC:
    • Repeat the calibration process with the hydraulic oil at the correct temperature.
  • Operator/Technician Training:
    • Provide training to operators and technicians on the importance of temperature conditions during calibration.


Accurate calibration of the HCC is critical for proper operation. Always perform calibration procedures with the hydraulic oil at the recommended temperature.

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