PL2 002166.09 – Incorrect CAN Bus Message, Information from PL1 Control Software

PL2 002166.09 (PL2 2166.09)

Code: 002166.09

Shortcode: 2166.09


This diagnostic trouble code is generated if a data transfer problem occurs between the PL2 control software and the PL1 control software. The reception of messages sent on the CAN bus by the PL1 control software is intermittent or non-existent, indicating a possible open circuit in the CAN bus, a short circuit, or faulty CAN bus terminators.


When this error occurs, the equipment may experience communication delays or failures between control modules, potentially leading to reduced performance or malfunction of the systems relying on this communication.


– Inspect CAN Bus Wiring:

  • Check for any visible signs of damage, wear, or disconnection in the CAN bus wiring.
  • Ensure all connections are secure and free of corrosion. – Test CAN Bus Continuity:
  • Use a multimeter to test for continuity in the CAN bus wiring to identify any open circuits. – Check for Short Circuits:
  • Inspect the wiring for any signs of short circuits, and use a multimeter to verify the absence of shorts. – Verify CAN Bus Terminators:
  • Ensure that the CAN bus terminators are present and functioning correctly.
  • Replace faulty terminators if necessary. – Update Software:
  • Ensure that both the PL2 and PL1 control software are up-to-date with the latest versions provided by the manufacturer.


  • Regularly scheduled maintenance of the CAN bus system can prevent communication issues.
  • Ensure that the operating environment is not contributing to excessive wear or damage to the CAN bus wiring.

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