PTA 526109.10 – Wheel Speed Sensor, Malfunction

PTA 526109.10 (PTA )

Code: 526109.10



This diagnostic trouble code is generated when the PLC control software transmits a CAN BUS message indicating a fault in the wheel speed sensor. In its active state, this fault also generates a diagnostic trouble code in the PLC control software.


Limited or no function of the vehicle until the error is corrected, indicating a critical issue with the wheel speed sensor.


Inspect Wheel Speed Sensor:

  • Verify that the wheel speed sensor is functioning correctly.
  • Replace the sensor if it is found to be faulty.

Check CAN BUS Communication:

  • Ensure that the CAN BUS communication between the PLC and PTA control software is intact.
  • Repair any communication issues.

Examine Wiring and Connectors:

  • Inspect all wiring and connectors associated with the wheel speed sensor for signs of damage or disconnection.
  • Repair or replace any damaged components to ensure proper electrical connections.

Consult PLC Control Software:

  • Check the PLC control software for related diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Address the priority codes reported by the PLC control software.


Maintaining reliable communication and functionality of the wheel speed sensor is crucial for proper vehicle operation. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent malfunctions and ensure smooth vehicle performance.

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