PTD 000630.13 – Transmission Not Calibrated

PTD 000630.13 (PTD 630.13)

Code: 000630.13

Shortcode: 630.13


This diagnostic trouble code is generated when the control software detects that the transmission is not calibrated. Proper calibration is essential for accurate and efficient transmission operation.


When this error is detected, the control software may limit or disable the transmission functions.


Perform Calibration:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to perform a transmission calibration procedure.
  • Use appropriate diagnostic tools and software to ensure accurate calibration.

Inspect Calibration Equipment:

  • Verify that the calibration equipment is functioning correctly and is compatible with the transmission system.
  • Replace or repair any faulty calibration tools.

Check Control Software:

  • Ensure the control software is updated and free from errors that may affect calibration.
  • Reprogram or update the software if necessary.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If calibration issues persist, consult technical support or a qualified technician for further assistance.

Monitor System:

  • After calibration, monitor the transmission system to ensure it operates within the specified parameters.


Regular calibration of the transmission system is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. Schedule periodic calibration checks as part of routine maintenance.

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