PTF 000186.04 – Front PTO Speed Sensor, Voltage Too Low

PTF 000186.04 (PTF 186.04)

Code: 000186.04

Shortcode: 186.04


This error code is generated when the control software detects that the voltage at the signal input of the front PTO speed sensor is too low. This indicates a short to ground in the circuit of the front PTO speed sensor.


When this code is detected, the front PTO may exhibit limited or no functionality.


  • Inspect Sensor Wiring:
    • Check the wiring and connections of the front PTO speed sensor for shorts to ground.
    • Repair or replace any damaged wiring or connectors.
  • Test the Speed Sensor:
    • Verify the functionality of the front PTO speed sensor using diagnostic tools.
    • Replace the sensor if it is found to be faulty.
  • Update Control Software:
    • Ensure the control software is up to date.
    • Update the software if necessary.
  • Check Electrical System:
    • Ensure that the electrical system provides the correct voltage to the front PTO speed sensor.
    • Investigate and resolve any issues with the vehicle’s electrical system.


Regular inspection and maintenance of the front PTO speed sensor and its circuit can prevent voltage issues and ensure reliable operation.

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