PTF 000186.17 – Front PTO Speed Sensor, Speed Too Low

PTF 000186.17 (PTF 186.17)

Code: 000186.17

Shortcode: 186.17


This error code is generated when the PTF control software detects that the front PTO speed is too low.


When this code is detected, the front PTO may exhibit limited or no functionality.


  • Inspect PTO Speed:
    • Verify that the front PTO is operating within the specified speed range.
    • Increase the speed if it is too low.
  • Check Sensor Calibration:
    • Ensure that the front PTO speed sensor is properly calibrated.
    • Recalibrate the sensor if necessary.
  • Examine Control Software:
    • Check the control software settings to ensure they match the operational requirements.
    • Update or adjust the software settings if needed.
  • Check for Mechanical Issues:
    • Inspect the front PTO and connected components for mechanical issues that may cause low speed.
    • Repair or replace any faulty components.


Maintaining the correct operational speed of the front PTO is crucial for its functionality. Regular checks and adjustments can help prevent low-speed errors and ensure efficient performance.

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