PTF 522011.02 – OIC Control Software, Malfunction

PTF 522011.02 (PTF )

Code: 522011.02



This diagnostic trouble code is generated when the OIC control software detects an internal fault. This fault also generates a diagnostic trouble code in the PTF control software, with the OIC diagnostic trouble code taking priority.


When this code is detected, the control software may exhibit limited or no functionality.


  • Reset OIC Control Module:
    • Perform a reset of the OIC control module to clear the error.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s procedure for resetting the module.
  • Check for Software Updates:
    • Ensure the OIC control software is up to date.
    • Install any available updates to address internal errors.
  • Verify System Integrity:
    • Check the overall integrity of the OIC control system, including power supply and grounding.
    • Ensure there are no intermittent power issues that could affect the internal module.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • Contact technical support for assistance if the error persists.
    • Provide details of the fault for a more accurate diagnosis.


Regular updates and maintenance of the OIC control software and hardware are essential for avoiding internal errors and ensuring smooth operation.

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