PTF 523666.03 – Control Software, Supply Voltage (BAT) Too High

PTF 523666.03 (PTF )

Code: 523666.03



This error code is triggered when the supply voltage (BAT) exceeds 16 V. This overvoltage condition can disrupt the normal functioning of the control software.


When this code is detected, the control software may exhibit limited or no functionality.


  • Inspect Power Supply:
    • Check the power supply to ensure it is providing the correct voltage.
    • Verify that the voltage regulator is functioning properly.
  • Examine Wiring and Connections:
    • Inspect wiring and connections for signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion.
    • Repair or replace any faulty components.
  • Check for External Electrical Interference:
    • Ensure that there are no external sources causing electrical interference or overvoltage.
  • Use Proper Voltage Levels:
    • Confirm that all connected devices and components are designed to operate within the specified voltage range.


Maintaining the correct supply voltage is crucial for the proper operation of the control software. Regular checks and maintenance of the power supply system can prevent such issues.

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