PTF 524216.19 – Front PTO Switch, Malfunction

PTF 524216.19 (PTF )

Code: 524216.19



This diagnostic trouble code is generated when the OIC control software cannot determine the values of the front PTO switch and cannot provide the CAN bus with any data. A transmitted replacement value generates this diagnostic trouble code in the PTF control software. The OIC diagnostic trouble codes take priority.


When this code is detected, the control software may exhibit limited or no functionality.


  • Verify PTO Switch Function:
    • Check the front PTO switch for correct operation.
    • Ensure the switch is functioning as intended and providing plausible values.
  • Inspect Wiring and Connections:
    • Inspect the wiring and connections related to the front PTO switch for any faults or loose connections.
    • Repair or replace any damaged components.
  • Check OIC Software:
    • Ensure the OIC control software is up to date.
    • Update the software if necessary.


Regular maintenance and inspection of the PTO switch and related wiring can help prevent malfunction issues and ensure proper operation.

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