PTI 000190.02 – Speed Mismatch – ECU Message with PTI Calculation

PTI 000190.02 (PTI 190.02)

Code: 000190.02

Shortcode: 190.02


This code is triggered when the engine speed CAN parameter does not match the expected engine speed, which is calculated from the hydro ring gear speed and carrier speed inputs. If any ECU DTC is present, it should be diagnosed before proceeding with the current diagnosis.


Upon detection, the control unit limits the functionality of the equipment.


  • Diagnose ECU DTCs:
    • Check for any existing ECU DTCs and resolve them before addressing this code.
  • Inspect CAN Communication:
    • Ensure that the CAN bus communication is stable and without errors.
    • Verify that the wiring and connections for CAN bus are secure and free of damage.
  • Check Speed Sensors:
    • Inspect the hydro ring gear speed sensor and carrier speed sensor for proper operation.
    • Replace any faulty sensors.
  • Recalibrate System:
    • Perform a system recalibration to ensure accurate speed calculations.


This code highlights a discrepancy between measured and calculated speeds, which can affect performance if not addressed promptly.

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