PTI 000191.00 – Transmission Overspeed

PTI 000191.00 (PTI 191.00)

Code: 000191.00

Shortcode: 191.00


This error code indicates that the transmission output speed has exceeded 8500 rpm for 3 seconds. The fault remains active until the output speed drops below 8300 rpm.


The control unit limits the functionality of the equipment to prevent potential damage to the transmission.


  • Reduce Transmission Speed:
    • Lower the transmission output speed to below 8300 rpm to clear the fault.
  • Inspect Transmission Components:
    • Check the transmission for any signs of wear or damage that could cause overspeed.
  • Verify Load Conditions:
    • Ensure that the equipment is not operating under excessive load that could contribute to transmission overspeed.
  • Regular Monitoring:
    • Continuously monitor transmission speed during operation to prevent recurrence.


Frequent overspeed conditions can cause significant damage to the transmission and should be investigated thoroughly.

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