PTI 000619.05 – Park Brake Solenoid Circuit Fault

PTI 000619.05 (PTI 619.05)

Code: 000619.05

Shortcode: 619.05


This error code indicates a fault in the park brake solenoid circuit. It can be caused by the installation of either fuse F24 or F28.


When this code is detected, the control unit commands the equipment to enter Park mode, which is recoverable.


  • Inspect Fuses:
    • Check fuses F24 and F28 to ensure they are correctly installed and not blown.
    • Replace any blown fuses and ensure the correct fuse type is used.
  • Check Solenoid Circuit:
    • Inspect the park brake solenoid circuit for any signs of damage, loose connections, or corrosion.
    • Repair or replace any damaged components.
  • Verify Solenoid Operation:
    • Test the park brake solenoid to ensure it is functioning correctly.
    • Replace the solenoid if it is defective.


Frequent faults in the park brake solenoid circuit can indicate underlying electrical issues that need addressing to maintain reliable operation.

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