PTI 000630.14 – PTI Clutch Calibration Fault

PTI 000630.14 (PTI 630.14)

Code: 000630.14

Shortcode: 630.14


This code is stored during calibration as an informational code. It indicates that the PTI is performing auto calibration on the clutch unit. It can also be triggered if calibrations are cleared through PTI Address 29, other PTI codes, or if the tractor has a new or reprogrammed control unit.


The control unit limits engine speed and commands the equipment to enter Park mode, which is recoverable.


  • Allow Calibration to Complete:
    • Ensure the calibration process is completed without interruption.
  • Verify Calibration Status:
    • Check the calibration status to ensure it was successful.
  • Clear and Recalibrate:
    • If issues persist, clear the calibrations and perform the auto calibration again through PTI Address 29.
  • Inspect Control Unit:
    • Verify that the control unit is properly installed and programmed.
    • Reprogram the control unit if necessary.


This code is informational and indicates the need for successful clutch calibration to maintain proper equipment function.

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