PTI 000756.18 – Clutch Enable Pressure Low/RB Engaged

PTI 000756.18 (PTI 756.18)

Code: 000756.18

Shortcode: 756.18


This error code is triggered when the clutch enable pressure (system 2) is low for longer than 3 seconds while the reverse brake (RB) is engaged. The park brake pressure is not low.


The control unit limits the functionality of the equipment to prevent potential damage.


  • Inspect Clutch Enable Pressure:
    • Check the clutch enable pressure to ensure it is within the specified range.
    • Inspect for any leaks or blockages in the hydraulic system that could cause low pressure.
  • Evaluate Hydraulic System:
    • Ensure the hydraulic pump is functioning properly and delivering adequate pressure.
    • Check the hydraulic fluid levels and quality; replace if necessary.
  • Test Reverse Brake Operation:
    • Verify that the reverse brake is engaging and disengaging correctly.
    • Inspect for any wear or damage to the brake components.
  • Monitor Pressure Sensors:
    • Ensure the pressure sensors are working correctly and providing accurate readings.
    • Replace faulty sensors if needed.


Maintaining proper pressure in the clutch system is critical for safe and effective operation of the reverse brake.

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