PTI 523912.13 – Hydro Clutch Unit (CU) Calibration Fault

PTI 523912.13 (PTI )

Code: 523912.13



This error code is triggered when the Clutch Unit hydro calibration is out of the valid operating range. This fault automatically causes PTI 000630.13 to be generated.


The control unit limits the functionality of the equipment to prevent potential damage.


  • Recalibrate Hydro Clutch Unit:
    • Perform a calibration of the Hydro Clutch Unit to bring it back within the valid operating range.
  • Inspect Calibration Data:
    • Ensure that the calibration data is accurate and up to date.
    • Clear any faulty calibrations and reattempt the calibration process.
  • Check for Interfering Issues:
    • Diagnose and resolve any related issues that may be affecting the calibration, such as other PTI codes or hardware faults.
  • Update Control Unit Software:
    • Ensure that the control unit software is up to date and includes the latest calibration parameters.


Accurate calibration of the Hydro Clutch Unit is critical for optimal performance and preventing operational issues. Regular calibration checks and updates are recommended.

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