PTI 523917.08 – Synchronizer Engagement Fault

PTI 523917.08 (PTI )

Code: 523917.08



This error code is triggered when the C1 clutch fails to engage the synchronizer. It can also be generated from an engine stall.


The control unit commands the equipment to enter Park mode, which is recoverable upon power-up.


  • Restart Engine:
    • Restart the engine to attempt vehicle recovery.
  • Inspect C1 Clutch:
    • Check the C1 clutch for proper engagement and operation.
    • Replace any worn or damaged clutch components.
  • Evaluate Synchronizer Mechanism:
    • Ensure that the synchronizer mechanism is functioning correctly.
  • Check for Engine Stall Causes:
    • Investigate any potential reasons for engine stalling and address them.


Frequent failures in clutch engagement or engine stalls should be investigated to prevent further issues and ensure reliable operation.

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