PTI 524232.16 – Park Brake Pressure High/Park Commanded

PTI 524232.16 (PTI )

Code: 524232.16



This error code is triggered when the park brake system maintains a pressure above 50 kPa (0.5 bar) (7 psi), which can cause the park brake to engage only partially.


The control unit commands the equipment to enter Park mode, which is recoverable.


  • Inspect Park Brake Pressure:
    • Check the park brake pressure to ensure it is below the specified threshold when park is commanded.
    • Adjust the pressure if necessary to ensure complete engagement or disengagement of the park brake.
  • Evaluate Hydraulic System:
    • Inspect the hydraulic system for any issues that may cause elevated pressure.
    • Repair or replace any faulty components or leaks.
  • Test Pressure Sensors:
    • Verify that the pressure sensors are functioning correctly and providing accurate readings.
    • Replace faulty sensors if needed.


Ensuring proper pressure levels in the park brake system is crucial for full engagement and safe operation.

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