PTI 524233.16 – Hydro Speed Incorrect/Park Not Engaged

PTI 524233.16 (PTI )

Code: 524233.16



This error code indicates that the hydro control system is not at the expected speed to release the park brake. This can be due to a possible mechanical or hydraulic control problem, even if the actual speed signals are correct. This code will automatically cause fault PTI 000630.13 to be generated.


The control unit commands the equipment to enter Park mode, which is recoverable.


  • Inspect Hydro Control System:
    • Check the hydro control system for proper operation and ensure it is achieving the expected speed to release the park brake.
  • Test Speed Sensors:
    • Verify that the speed sensors are accurate and functioning correctly.
    • Replace any defective sensors.
  • Evaluate Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems:
    • Inspect for any mechanical or hydraulic issues that may be preventing the system from responding to commands.
    • Repair or replace any faulty components.
  • Recalibrate Control System:
    • Perform a calibration of the hydro control system to ensure it responds correctly to speed commands.


Addressing mechanical or hydraulic control problems promptly is crucial for ensuring the hydro control system operates correctly and releases the park brake as expected.

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