PTI 524242.00 – Transmission Pressures High

PTI 524242.00 (PTI )

Code: 524242.00



This error code is triggered by high transmission pressures, which may be caused by a stuck pressure control valve, lube relief valve, or cooler relief valve.


The control unit limits the functionality of the equipment to prevent potential damage.


  • Inspect Pressure Control Valve:
    • Check the pressure control valve for proper operation and ensure it is not stuck.
    • Clean or replace the valve if necessary.
  • Evaluate Lube Relief Valve:
    • Inspect the lube relief valve to ensure it is functioning correctly.
    • Clean or replace the valve if it is stuck or malfunctioning.
  • Check Cooler Relief Valve:
    • Verify that the cooler relief valve is operating properly and not causing high pressures.
    • Clean or replace the valve if needed.
  • Monitor Transmission Pressure:
    • Continuously monitor the transmission pressure to ensure it remains within the specified range.


Maintaining proper transmission pressures is crucial to prevent damage to the transmission components and ensure efficient operation. Regular maintenance and inspection of pressure control components are recommended.

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