PTI 524244.31 – PTI Park/ACU Neutral Command Conflict

PTI 524244.31 (PTI )

Code: 524244.31



This error code is triggered when the park switch or neutral value does not match the ACU command. The CLC transmits the neutral switch value.


The control unit commands the equipment to enter Park mode, which is recoverable.


  • Inspect Park and Neutral Switches:
    • Check both the park and neutral switches for proper operation and ensure they are transmitting the correct values.
    • Replace any faulty switches.
  • Verify ACU Commands:
    • Ensure the ACU is correctly issuing neutral and park commands.
    • Check for any discrepancies between the ACU commands and the switch values.
  • Evaluate CLC Transmission:
    • Verify that the CLC is accurately transmitting the neutral and park switch values to the PTI.
    • Repair or replace any faulty components in the transmission chain.


Accurate transmission of switch values and consistency with ACU commands are essential for proper vehicle control and safety.

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