PTP 000084.07 – Vehicle Motion During Calibration

PTP 000084.07 (PTP 84.07)

Code: 000084.07

Shortcode: 84.07


This error code is triggered when wheel speed is detected during transmission calibration. This indicates that the vehicle is in motion when it should be stationary for accurate calibration.


The control unit responds by commanding the transmission to neutral, stopping the vehicle from moving during calibration.


  • Ensure Vehicle is Stationary:
    Verify that the vehicle is completely stationary before initiating transmission calibration.
  • Check Wheel Speed Sensors:
    Inspect the wheel speed sensors for proper functionality and ensure they are not faulty or giving false readings.
  • Calibration Environment:
    Perform the calibration on a flat, level surface to prevent any unintended motion.
  • Technical Support:
    If the issue persists, consult technical support or the manufacturer for further assistance.


Maintaining a stationary position during calibration is crucial for accurate transmission setup and to avoid false error codes.

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