PTP 523960.31 – Operator Not Seated During Reverser Command

PTP 523960.31 (PTP )

Code: 523960.31



This error code is triggered when an attempt is made to shift from NEUTRAL to gear while the operator is not seated. This is a safety feature to ensure that the operator is present during gear shifts.


The control unit commands the transmission to neutral.


  • Ensure Operator Presence:
    Make sure the operator is seated before attempting to shift gears.
  • Check Seat Sensor:
    Inspect the seat sensor for proper operation. Ensure it is not faulty and is detecting the operator’s presence correctly.
  • Operator Training:
    Educate operators on the importance of being seated during gear shifts to avoid this informational code.


This code is informational and indicates a safety feature working as intended. It should not indicate any problem with the vehicle.

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