PTP 524280.31 – Vehicle Motion While Shifting to Park

PTP 524280.31 (PTP )

Code: 524280.31



This error code is stored when PARK is commanded but the park brake is released because the wheel speed is greater than 4 km/h (2.48 mph). This condition indicates an attempt to engage the park brake while the vehicle is moving.


The control unit limits functionality to prevent potential damage or safety issues.


  • Stop Vehicle Before Parking:
    Ensure the vehicle is completely stopped before shifting to park. Avoid attempting to engage the park brake while the vehicle is moving.
  • Check Brake System:
    Inspect the brake system for proper operation. Ensure that the park brake engages and disengages correctly.
  • Verify Wheel Speed Sensors:
    Ensure that the wheel speed sensors are functioning correctly and providing accurate data to the control unit.
  • Operator Training:
    Educate operators on the correct procedures for engaging the park brake, emphasizing the importance of stopping the vehicle completely before shifting to park.


This code can be operator-induced, so proper training and adherence to operational procedures are crucial to prevent this issue. Ensuring the vehicle is stationary before engaging the park brake is essential for safety and proper vehicle operation.

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