PTQ 524173.04 – Clutch Pedal Potentiometer Channel 1, Voltage Too Low

PTQ 524173.04 (PTQ )

Code: 524173.04



This diagnostic trouble code, PTQ 524173.04, indicates that the voltage at the signal input of channel 1 of the clutch pedal potentiometer is below 0.3 volts. This suggests a problem with the signal lead or the potentiometer supply voltage.


When this error is detected, the control software shifts the transmission into neutral to prevent potential damage.


Inspect Electrical Connections:

  • Check the wiring and connectors associated with the clutch pedal potentiometer.
  • Ensure all connections are secure and free of corrosion or damage.

Test Potentiometer:

  • Use a multimeter to measure the voltage at channel 1 of the potentiometer.
  • Replace the potentiometer if it is found to be defective.

Verify Circuit Integrity:

  • Inspect the circuit for any signs of low voltage or supply voltage issues.
  • Repair or replace any identified issues to ensure proper voltage levels.

Update Software:

  • Verify that the control software is up-to-date with the latest version.
  • Update the software if there are any available updates to improve system accuracy and error handling.

Monitor System Performance:

  • After addressing the above steps, test the clutch pedal potentiometer to ensure proper functionality.
  • Confirm that the voltage at the signal input is within the specified range during operation.


  • Regular inspection and maintenance of the potentiometer and associated components can prevent low voltage issues.
  • If the issue persists despite taking the above measures, consult technical support or the manufacturer for further assistance.

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