PTR 000162.02 – High/Low Switch Circuit Conflict

PTR 000162.02 (PTR 162.02)

Code: 000162.02

Shortcode: 162.02


This error code, PTR 000162.02, indicates that the Power Train Reverser (PTR) control unit detects both the High and Low switch inputs are simultaneously active. This conflict can occur due to a malfunction in the switch circuitry, wiring issues, or a fault in the control unit itself.


When this error is detected, the PTR control unit may disable the high/low switching functionality to prevent potential damage or unsafe operation. The system may enter a fault mode and display a warning to the operator.


Inspect Switches:

  • Check the High and Low switches for proper operation.
  • Ensure that the switches are not physically stuck or damaged. Replace if necessary.

Check Wiring and Connections:

  • Inspect the wiring and connections associated with the High and Low switches.
  • Ensure all connections are secure and free from damage or corrosion.

Test Switch Circuitry:

  • Use a multimeter to test the switch circuitry for proper functionality.
  • Ensure that there is no short circuit or cross-connection between the High and Low switch circuits.

Examine Control Unit:

  • Verify that the PTR control unit is functioning correctly.
  • Test the control unit inputs for proper voltage levels when the switches are activated.

Update Control Unit Software:

  • Ensure that the PTR control unit software is up-to-date.
  • Apply any available software updates or patches from the manufacturer.

Monitor Switch Operation:

  • After addressing the issue, monitor the operation of the High and Low switches.
  • Ensure that the conflict does not reoccur and that the switches function as intended.


High/Low switch circuit conflicts can lead to operational issues and potential safety concerns. Regular inspection and maintenance of the switch circuitry and control unit can help prevent such problems. Ensure that operators are trained to recognize and report switch issues promptly.

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