RLC 002055.06 – RLC Control Software, Current Too High

RLC 002055.06 (RLC 2055.06)

Code: 002055.06

Shortcode: 2055.06


This diagnostic trouble code indicates that the total current at input pin J4 is too high, suggesting a short to ground in one of the control unit circuits. This condition can cause excessive current flow, potentially damaging the control software and related components.


When this error is detected, the RLC control software shuts down its functions one after the other, leading to limited or no functionality.


  • Inspect for Short Circuits:
    • Check the wiring and connectors associated with pin J4 for signs of short circuits to ground. Look for damaged insulation, exposed wires, or loose connections. Repair or replace any compromised wiring.
  • Test Affected Circuits:
    • Use a multimeter to measure the current flow in the affected circuits. Identify and isolate the circuit causing the excessive current flow.
  • Verify Component Integrity:
    • Check the integrity of components connected to pin J4. Replace any components that show signs of damage or excessive wear.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • If the issue persists after following the above steps, contact technical support for further diagnostics and assistance.


High current conditions can cause significant damage to electronic components. Prompt identification and resolution of short circuits are crucial to prevent long-term damage to the control software and related systems.


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