RLC 524259.15 – Roof Control Unit, Temperature Too High

RLC 524259.15 (RLC )

Code: 524259.15



This diagnostic trouble code is generated if the control software detects that the temperature of the roof control unit is above 85°C (185°F).


When this error is detected, the control software may experience limited or no functionality.


  • Inspect Ventilation System:
    • Check the ventilation system around the roof control unit for blockages or malfunctions. Ensure that vents and fans are working properly and are not obstructed.
  • Improve Cooling:
    • If possible, improve the cooling around the roof control unit by adding additional cooling fans or heat sinks.
  • Check for External Heat Sources:
    • Ensure that no external heat sources are contributing to the high temperature of the roof control unit.
  • Monitor Environmental Conditions:
    • Verify that the environmental conditions in which the equipment is operating are within the recommended range for temperature and humidity.


High temperatures can severely damage the roof control unit and its associated components. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the cooling system are essential to prevent overheating.

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