RPM 000628.02 – Control Software Internal Fault

RPM 000628.02 (RPM 628.02)

Code: 000628.02

Shortcode: 628.02


This error code, RPM 000628.02, is generated when the control software detects a faulty End-of-Line (EOL) parameter during power-up. As a result, the parameters are replaced by default values.


When this error is detected, the control software may experience limited or no functionality.


  • Reset Control Software:
    • Perform a software reset to restore factory default settings. Follow the manufacturer’s procedure for resetting the control software.
  • Update Control Software:
    • Ensure the control software is up-to-date. Download and install the latest software updates from the manufacturer.
  • Inspect Memory Components:
    • Check the internal memory components for signs of damage or corruption. Replace any faulty memory modules.
  • Verify Power Supply Stability:
    • Ensure the power supply to the control unit is stable and within the specified range. Fluctuations in power can lead to memory corruption.
  • Consult Technical Support:
    • If the error persists, consult John Deere technical support or a certified technician for further diagnosis and resolution.


Regular software updates and maintenance are crucial for preventing internal faults. Ensure the control software and memory components are functioning correctly to avoid operational issues.

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