SCC 523786.01 – Lost Laser Track/Electro-Hydraulic External Control Not Available for SV I

SCC 523786.01 (SCC )

Code: 523786.01



This error code indicates that the rear scraper has lost the laser signal input, which is essential for precise control.


When this code is detected, the SCC functions will be degraded, impacting the performance of the rear scraper.


Check Laser Equipment:

  • Verify that the laser equipment is functioning correctly and providing a consistent signal.

Inspect Laser Signal Path:

  • Ensure there are no obstructions or interferences along the laser signal path. Adjust the laser equipment if necessary.

Check Wiring and Connectors:

  • Inspect all wiring and connectors associated with the laser equipment for signs of damage, poor connections, or corrosion. Repair or replace as necessary.

Monitor Laser Signals:

  • Use diagnostic tools to monitor the laser signals being received by the SCC, ensuring they are consistent and within the expected range.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If the issue persists, contact technical support for further diagnostics and assistance.


Maintaining a consistent laser signal is crucial for the accurate operation of the rear scraper.

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