SCO 000084.14 – Information for Operator: Travel Speed Too High

SCO 000084.14 (SCO 84.14)

Code: 000084.14

Shortcode: 84.14


This error code, SCO 000084.14, is generated when the travel speed of the equipment exceeds the acceptable limit while the return-to-position function is activated. This serves as a warning to the operator that the current speed is too high for safe operation of the return-to-position function.


When this error is detected, the equipment will notify the operator through a diagnostic message. The return-to-position function may be deactivated or operate at a reduced efficiency to ensure safety and prevent potential damage.


  • Reduce Travel Speed:
    • Slow down the equipment to a speed that is within the safe operational range for the return-to-position function.
  • Check Operator Manual:
    • Refer to the operator manual for the recommended travel speed when using the return-to-position function.
  • Monitor Speed Regularly:
    • Continuously monitor the travel speed to ensure it does not exceed the recommended limits during operations involving the return-to-position function.


  • Environmental Factors:
    • Be aware that different terrains and load conditions can affect the optimal travel speed. Adjust accordingly.
  • Operator Training:
    • Ensure operators are trained on the importance of maintaining appropriate speeds and the implications of ignoring this warning.

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