SCO 000158.04 – Control Software, Supply Voltage (ELX) Too Low

SCO 000158.04 (SCO 158.04)

Code: 000158.04

Shortcode: 158.04


This error code, SCO 000158.04, indicates that the supply voltage (ELX) for the control software has dropped below 9 volts. This insufficient voltage can hinder the proper functioning of the control software.


When this fault is detected, the control software may have limited functionality or may cease to function altogether.


  • Check Battery and Charging System:
    • Ensure that the battery is properly charged and that the charging system is working correctly. Replace the battery if it is old or unable to hold a charge.
  • Inspect Electrical Connections:
    • Inspect all electrical connections related to the control software for tightness and cleanliness. Clean and secure any loose or corroded connections.
  • Test Voltage Regulator:
    • Verify that the voltage regulator is functioning correctly. Replace the regulator if it is defective.
  • Monitor Voltage:
    • Continuously monitor the supply voltage to ensure it stays within the recommended range.


  • Potential Intermittent Issues:
    • Be aware that intermittent drops in voltage can be caused by loose connections or faulty components. Regular inspections can help identify and prevent such issues.

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