SCO 000177.01 – Hydraulic Oil Temperature Too Low

SCO 000177.01 (SCO 177.01)

Code: 000177.01

Shortcode: 177.01


This error code, SCO 000177.01, indicates that the hydraulic oil temperature has fallen below -25°C (-13°F). The function of the E-SCVs (electronic selective control valves) is highly dependent on the hydraulic oil temperature:

  • Hydraulic oil temperature below -25°C (-13°F): No function of E-SCVs.
  • Hydraulic oil temperature between -15°C and -25°C (5°F and -13°F): No function or limited function of E-SCVs.


When this fault is detected, the control software will limit or completely disable the function of the selective control valves (E-SCVs).


  • Warm Up Hydraulic Oil:
    • Operate the equipment in a warmer environment or use external heaters to raise the hydraulic oil temperature above -15°C (5°F) for limited function or above -25°C (-13°F) for full function.
  • Insulate Hydraulic Components:
    • Insulate hydraulic lines and components to help retain heat in colder environments.
  • Use Appropriate Hydraulic Oil:
    • Ensure that the hydraulic oil used is suitable for low-temperature operations. Consider switching to oil with better low-temperature properties if necessary.


Cold Weather Precautions:

  • Regularly monitor the hydraulic oil temperature during cold weather operations and take preventive measures to maintain optimal temperature.

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