SCO 000924.03 – Stepper Motors for E-SCV X and E-SCV XI, Supply Voltage Too High

SCO 000924.03 (SCO 924.03)

Code: 000924.03

Shortcode: 924.03


This error code, SCO 000924.03, indicates that the supply voltage (BAT) for the stepper motors of E-SCV X and E-SCV XI has risen above 16 volts. Excessive voltage can damage electronic components and disrupt the operation of the stepper motors.


When this fault is detected, the control software will have limited or no function of the selective control valves (E-SCVs).


  • Inspect Charging System:
    • Ensure that the charging system, including the alternator and voltage regulator, is functioning correctly. Replace any faulty components.
  • Check for Overvoltage Conditions:
    • Investigate any possible causes of overvoltage, such as external charging sources or malfunctioning equipment.
  • Test Electrical Components:
    • Test other electrical components for signs of damage due to overvoltage and replace as necessary.
  • Monitor Voltage:
    • Continuously monitor the supply voltage to ensure it stays within the recommended range.


Preventive Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance and inspection of the charging system can help prevent overvoltage conditions and protect the control software and stepper motors.

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