SCO 516455.18 – Stepper Motor for E-SCV X, Hydraulic Oil Temperature and Supply Voltage Too Low

SCO 516455.18 (SCO )

Code: 516455.18



This error code, SCO 516455.18, indicates that both the supply voltage (BAT) is too low (9–11 volts) and the hydraulic oil temperature is between -25°C (-13°F) and -15°C (5°F).


When this fault is detected, the control software may have limited functionality or may cease to function altogether, resulting in limited or no function of the selective control valve (E-SCV X).


  • Increase Supply Voltage:
    • Ensure that the battery is properly charged and that the charging system is working correctly. Replace the battery if it is old or unable to hold a charge.
  • Warm Up Hydraulic Oil:
    • Operate the equipment in a warmer environment or use external heaters to raise the hydraulic oil temperature above -15°C (5°F).
  • Inspect Electrical Connections:
    • Check all electrical connections related to the stepper motor and battery for tightness and cleanliness. Clean and secure any loose or corroded connections.
  • Monitor Voltage and Temperature:
    • Continuously monitor the supply voltage and hydraulic oil temperature to ensure they stay within the recommended range.


Preventive Maintenance:

  • Regular inspections and maintenance of the electrical and hydraulic systems can help prevent issues related to low voltage and low temperature.

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