SIC 523871.03 – M14 EICV 3 Stepper Motor, Temperature Too High

SIC 523871.03 (SIC )

Code: 523871.03



This error code, SIC 523871.03, is generated when a temperature of more than 100°C (212°F) is measured at the EICV 3 (Electro-Hydraulic Integrated Control Valve) stepper motor. The stepper motor does not become operable again until the temperature drops below 100°C (212°F).


When this error code is detected, the stepper motor for EICV 3 will be disabled to prevent damage from overheating. Normal operation will resume once the temperature drops below the threshold.


  • Inspect Cooling System:
    • Check the cooling system to ensure it is functioning correctly and effectively cooling the stepper motor.
  • Measure Temperature:
    • Use diagnostic tools to measure the temperature of the stepper motor to verify the overheating condition.
  • Check for Obstructions:
    • Inspect the area around the stepper motor for any obstructions that may impede cooling airflow.
  • Test Stepper Motor:
    • Test the stepper motor for any internal faults or issues that may cause overheating. Replace if necessary.
  • Update Software:
    • Ensure that the control unit firmware and software are up to date to rule out any software-related issues that may contribute to overheating.


Overheating can lead to significant damage to the stepper motor. Regular inspection and maintenance of the cooling system and the stepper motor itself are essential to prevent such issues. If the problem persists, consult technical support for further diagnosis and repair.

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