SIC 523887.04 – A36 Stepper Motor ESCV 1, Temperature Too Low

SIC 523887.04 (SIC )

Code: 523887.04



This error code, SIC 523887.04, is generated when the temperature of the stepper motor of ESCV 1 (Electro-Hydraulic Section Control Valve) is less than 45°C (49°F).


When this error code is detected, the stepper motor for ESCV 1 may not operate efficiently or may behave erratically due to being below optimal operating temperature.


  • Inspect Environmental Conditions:
    • Ensure that the operating environment is within the recommended temperature range for the stepper motor.
  • Check Heating System:
    • If applicable, check any heating systems designed to maintain the stepper motor’s temperature within the optimal range.
  • Measure Temperature:
    • Use diagnostic tools to measure the temperature of the stepper motor to verify the low temperature condition.
  • Test Stepper Motor:
    • Test the stepper motor for any internal faults or issues that may prevent it from reaching the optimal operating temperature. Replace if necessary.
  • Update Software:
    • Ensure that the control unit firmware and software are up to date to rule out any software-related issues that may contribute to temperature regulation problems.


Operating at low temperatures can affect the performance of the stepper motor. Regular inspection and maintenance of the motor and associated systems are essential to prevent such issues. If the problem persists, consult technical support for further diagnosis and repair.

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