SIC 523894.01 – A39 Stepper Motor ESCV 4, Supply Voltage Out of Valid Range Low

SIC 523894.01 (SIC )

Code: 523894.01



This error code, SIC 523894.01, is generated when the system voltage (battery voltage) at the stepper motor of ESCV 4 (Electro-Hydraulic Section Control Valve) is less than 9 volts.


When this error code is detected, the stepper motor for ESCV 4 may not operate correctly due to insufficient voltage, potentially leading to impaired performance or failure.


  • Inspect Power Supply:
    • Check the power supply system to ensure it is providing a stable voltage above 9 volts. Repair or replace any components causing the low voltage.
  • Measure Voltage:
    • Use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the stepper motor to confirm the low voltage condition.
  • Check Battery Health:
    • Inspect the battery for proper charge and health. Replace if necessary.
  • Test Stepper Motor:
    • Ensure the stepper motor has not been damaged due to low voltage. Replace if necessary.
  • Update Software:
    • Ensure the control unit firmware and software are up to date to rule out any software-related issues that may contribute to low voltage conditions.


Operating with low supply voltage can lead to performance issues and potential damage to the stepper motor and associated components. Regular inspection and maintenance of the power supply system are essential to prevent such issues. If the problem persists, consult technical support for further diagnosis and repair.

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