SIC 524087.14 – INFORMATION FOR OPERATOR: Selection for Front Loader Attachment or Front-End Implements Changed

SIC 524087.14 (SIC )

Code: 524087.14



This operator information (diagnostic trouble code) is generated when a change has been made in address SIC 041 or in the DTI (display terminal interface) to select the front loader or front-end implement. This address is used to preselect front loader or implement.


When this information code is generated, the control unit alerts the operator that a change has been made regarding the selection of the front loader attachment or front-end implements. This helps ensure the operator is aware of the current configuration.


  • Verify Selection:
    • Confirm that the correct front loader or front-end implement has been selected as intended.
  • Check Address SIC 041:
    • Ensure that address SIC 041 is correctly configured to reflect the appropriate front loader or implement.
  • Consult Operator Manual:
    • Refer to the operator manual for instructions on selecting and configuring front loader attachments or implements.


This code is informational and does not indicate a fault. It serves to notify the operator of a configuration change to prevent operational errors. Regular review of the equipment’s configuration settings can help maintain proper operation.

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