SSU 000630.13 – Control Unit Not Calibrated

SSU 000630.13 (SSU 630.13)

Code: 000630.13

Shortcode: 630.13


This diagnostic trouble code (DTC), SSU 000630.13, is saved if the previous calibration was not saved or the new SSU control unit has not been calibrated yet. This indicates that the SSU needs to be calibrated to function correctly.


When this error is detected, the control unit may not operate correctly, potentially affecting the performance of the steering system.


Perform Calibration:

  • Calibrate the SSU control unit according to the manufacturer’s procedure. Ensure that all calibration steps are followed precisely.

Check Calibration Data:

  • Verify that the calibration data is correctly saved and recognized by the system.

Update Software:

  • Ensure that the SSU software is up-to-date. Apply any available firmware updates to address potential software-related issues.

Replace Faulty Components:

  • If the calibration issue persists, replace the SSU control unit with a new, genuine part.

Consult Technical Support:

  • If the error persists after performing the above steps, consult technical support or the manufacturer for further assistance in identifying and resolving the issue.


  • Regular calibration checks and updates are essential for the reliable operation of the SSU.
  • Keeping the SSU firmware up-to-date ensures compatibility and reliability of the vehicle’s systems.

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