SV2 000158.04 – SV II Switched Supply Voltage Low

SV2 000158.04 (SV2 158.04)

Code: 000158.04

Shortcode: 158.04


The error code SV2 000158.04 indicates that the switched supply voltage to the Selective Control Valve Unit II (SV II) has dropped below 9.0 V. This issue may be caused by inadequate power supply, faulty wiring, loose connections, or issues within the Vehicle Load Center (VLC) control unit, which serves as the wake-up circuit voltage source.


When this error code is triggered, the equipment may experience reduced functionality or complete failure of the Selective Control Valve Unit II, leading to loss of control over hydraulic functions.


Inspect Power Supply:

  • Verify the power supply to the SV II unit is adequate and stable. Check the battery and charging system to ensure they are providing sufficient voltage.

Check Electrical Connections:

  • Inspect all electrical connections related to the SV II unit for looseness, corrosion, or damage. Clean, tighten, or replace connections as necessary.

Perform VLC Code Diagnostics:

  • Since the Vehicle Load Center (VLC) control unit wake-up circuit is a voltage source, perform diagnostics on VLC-related codes first to identify and resolve any underlying issues.

Inspect Wiring Harness:

  • Examine the wiring harness for any signs of wear, damage, or shorts that could contribute to voltage drops.

Verify Ground Connections:

  • Ensure that all ground connections are secure and free of corrosion, as poor grounding can lead to voltage issues.


Associated codes 000158.XX may appear in other control units. It is crucial to perform thorough diagnostics on the Vehicle Load Center (VLC) control unit before addressing the specific SV2 158.04 code. This ensures all potential sources of low voltage are identified and corrected to prevent recurrence.

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