SV2 004084.16 – SV II Overshot Commanded Position

SV2 004084.16 (SV2 4084.16)

Code: 004084.16

Shortcode: 4084.16


The error code SV2 004084.16 indicates that the Selective Control Valve II (SV II) spool is overshooting its desired position. This can occur due to issues with the control system, such as faulty sensors, calibration errors, or hydraulic system irregularities.


When this error code is triggered, the equipment may experience erratic or imprecise control of the SV II, leading to potential issues with hydraulic function accuracy and overall equipment performance.


Inspect Control System:

  • Verify that the control system is functioning correctly and that all sensors are providing accurate feedback.
  • Check for calibration errors and recalibrate if necessary.

Check Hydraulic Pressure:

  • Ensure that the hydraulic system is maintaining proper pressure levels.
  • Inspect for any irregularities that may cause the spool to overshoot.

Examine Mechanical Linkages:

  • Inspect mechanical linkages for wear or damage that could affect spool movement.
  • Repair or replace any faulty components.

Update Software:

  • Ensure that the software controlling the SV II is up-to-date.
  • Install any available updates to improve control precision.


Regular inspection and maintenance of the control system and hydraulic components are essential to ensure accurate spool positioning and to prevent overshooting issues.

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