SV2 004084.18 – SV II Failed to Reach Commanded Position

SV2 004084.18 (SV2 4084.18)

Code: 004084.18

Shortcode: 4084.18


The error code SV2 004084.18 indicates that the Selective Control Valve II (SV II) spool is undershooting its desired position. This issue can arise from control system faults, inadequate hydraulic pressure, or mechanical problems affecting spool movement.


When this error code is triggered, the equipment may experience reduced or imprecise control of the SV II, leading to potential inefficiencies and operational issues with the hydraulic system.


Inspect Control System:

  • Verify the accuracy and functionality of the control system.
  • Check for sensor malfunctions or calibration errors, and recalibrate if necessary.

Check Hydraulic Pressure:

  • Ensure that the hydraulic system maintains adequate pressure levels.
  • Inspect for leaks or other issues that could result in insufficient pressure.

Examine Mechanical Components:

  • Inspect the valve and associated mechanical components for wear, damage, or obstructions that could impede spool movement.
  • Repair or replace any faulty parts.

Perform Calibration:

  • Calibrate the SV II to ensure it can accurately reach all commanded positions.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper calibration procedures.


Maintaining precise control and calibration of the SV II and related hydraulic systems is crucial to ensure efficient operation and to prevent issues with the spool undershooting its commanded position.
By addressing these areas, you can effectively diagnose and rectify issues related to the SV II not reaching the FLOAT position, overshooting, or undershooting its commanded position.

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