A new fully integrated tire pressure monitoring system for John Deere 8R Series tractors equipped with independent suspension (ILS) is now available from the factory and dealers. This John Deere-manufactured system with on-board compressor allows the tractor operator to continuously monitor and adjust tire pressure at the touch of a button. Continuously optimizing tire pressure […]

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Broadband may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of agriculture, but a John Deere heavy equipment executive argued that maybe it should be. Nancy Post, director of John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group, said Fierce connectivity has long been an integral part of agriculture, noting that the satellite, in particular, […]

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John Deere unveiled its unique ExactApply smart nozzle control system for self-propelled sprayer machines at the Sustainability Day in Waldorf, Germany, at the end of May, which greatly improves spraying precision and also provides optimal control of product flow. The company said in a statement. “ExactApply automatically maintains the target application rate regardless of spray […]

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Bloomfield is close to Bluegrass Parkway, a town of about a thousand people. But unlike many small towns, this one still has a vibrant business district. There’s Nettie Jarvis Antiques. a famous museum-like shop, along with a department store and a tea room, and the Olde Bloomfield Convention Center, which has an ice cream shop, […]

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As we know, John Deree presented his most powerful 9 Series tractors in the 2022 model line. Updated 9 Series lineup includes 9R wheeled tractors, 9RT double track tractors and 9RX four track tractors The 2022 lineup features six 9R wheeled tractor models ranging from 390 to 640 horsepower, which can be equipped with a […]

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John Deere Synchronization System

John Deere Synchronization System is now available on forage harvesters and tractors – thanks to this development, machines can communicate on the go. This allows operators to steer the tractor and trailer parallel to the travel of the combine and makes harvesting easier. John Deere Machine Sync was first introduced in 2012 and since then […]

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John Deere uses Intel’s artificial intelligence technology to solve age-old costly welding product manufacturing challenges. A solution is currently being tested that uses computer vision to automatically identify common faults in automated welding at their manufacturing facilities. At 52 plants around the world, John Deere uses the gas arc welding (GMAW) process to weld mild […]

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Advancing its commitment to delivering smart technology solutions to its customers, John Deere unveils Precision Construction. Paving the way for the future of construction, Precision Construction provides customers with a suite of technology solutions focused on maximizing uptime and delivering increased productivity. This shift aligns the brand’s overarching strategic direction, which aims to provide intelligent, […]

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The John Deere Foundation announced in late March that it is committed to spending $ 200 million by 2030 on initiatives that will fulfill John Deere’s overarching goal of running to move life forward. The funds will largely come from the John Deere Charitable Foundation, which began operations back in 1948 and has provided more […]

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