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Best Moments

Every construction vehicle has a part to play – but which machine is the coolest of them all? Let’s count them down!

BEST John Deere Construction Vehicles

Get ready for the top 6 most exciting Monster Treads moments from John Deere! Things on the farm are about to be crazy!

TOP John Deere Monster Treads Moments On The Farm!

Which of Jay’s gizmos is absolutely, positively, no-question-about-it THE MOST AMAZING!?!? Let’s take a look!

Jay’s COOLEST Farm Inventions!

Take a look at the Top 6 Cutest Critter Moments from John Deere Monster Treads! Why six? Because 5 just isn’t enough!

CUTEST Animals On The Farm!

Life on the farm involves a lot of corn — especially when Jay’s around! Here are Jay’s Top 5 John Deere Monster Treads, uh, jokes so far.

Jay’s Corniest Jokes

Our virtual wizard keeps everyone informed and on track — and she can be pretty hilarious too! Here are some of her, uh, finest moments!

Computer D.E.E.R.E.’s Finest Moments

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